Police say it appears the retired officer's friend, a retired correction officer, fired the shot during a struggle with a third man.
Shirr Teved's death capped a deadly day for the city where three other people died in separate fires.
Before an unidentified woman made off with the bodega kitten, a man offered the store's owner $50 for the cat.
The body was reportedly found in the basement, wrapped in a blanket.
The measure would override the citywide 25 mile-per-hour speed limit, but just near the house of the state senator who proposed it.
"Our decision on which side we are on will decide who gets to stay here tomorrow."
The incident occurred in Kensington on November 14th.
Accusations against the rabbi date back to the 1970s.
But the NYPD still fails to charge most drivers involved in fatal and injury-causing hit-and-runs.
They say he has struck five times already.
The NYPD says foul play is not suspected in either case.
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