Kennedy airport

The computer system for the nation's customs service failed on Friday, creating huge bottlenecks at airports where agents have been processing people manually.
"I cried the whole way back and many others did also."
'An overhead announcement requested we all 'hold it' until we board our planes. You don't want to see the current state of the toilets here.'
An Israeli woman whose husband was killed in the Mumbai terrorist
Here's another not-so-reassuring story about the state of airport security. A
As flying out of Newark Liberty, Kennedy, and La Guardia airports
Will JetBlue take off for another city or state? Last month,
With Britain at its top terror alert level after a flaming
WNBC’s investigative reporter Jonathan Dienst is a native of the tri-state area,
The Daily News and Post both use the alleged JFK Airport
WNBC 4's Jonathan Dient reports that the feds have arrested four men
For the second year, Mayor Bloomberg has unveiled the New York City
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