Keizo shimamoto

Keizo Shimamoto's turning his commissary kitchen into a casual ramen-ya where he'll serve his latest ramen creations plus all the versions of his proprietary Ramen Burgers.
Including Green Curry Soba, a Japanese ramen with a Thai twist.
Yes, vegetarians, you can now spend your weekends queuing up for noodle burgers, too.
The creator of the Ramen Burger will debut a new yatai (Ramen Shack) at the Queens Smorgasburg, featuring a rotating selection of ramen styles.
From Ramen Burger to Ramenrrito, there's a whole lot of ramen tinkering going on.
Creator Keizo Shimamoto also offers three kinds of traditional tonkotsu broth ramen plus five protein bentos.
But our in-house food experts have determined that it'll take more than a couple buns made of ramen to kill a pastry as resilient as the Cronut.
Two times the noodly goodness but probably two times the line as well.
People were waiting two hours before the booth opened for this treat.
Nom nom nom.
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