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Once you start comparing people to Red Ruffing, you know the gloves are really off.

Olbermann is reportedly in negotiations with ESPN to return to the station where he first gained fame with a new late night talk show.

Al Qaeda leaders discusses U.S. media as well, finding ABC "Could be one of the best channels, as far as we are concerned."

Olbermann was making $10 million/year at Current. $10 million, people!!! Feel bad for him!

Olbermann and Gore would sometimes correspond directly when the anchor felt he needed to cut the middlemen to get his point across, but Gore's emails were "polite but vague."

Based on reports, it sounds as if Keith didn't feel like working for a low-budget TV network—and that low-budget TV network were tired of putting up with a high-maintenance talking head.

Current TV has suddenly axed Keith Olbermann, whose show will be replaced by a new program hosted by former governor Eliot Spitzer, starting tonight.

Rachel Maddow will remain on MSNBC for years to come.

Keith Olbermann returned to cable television last night with his Current

A new 700-page book takes an in-depth look at the rise of ESPN, with lots of stops along the way for strange anecdotes about the "glorified frat house." Check out some excerpts below.