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Angel Pereda allegedly forged ownership papers to prove the authenticity of several pieces of art by Haring and Basquiat which he hoped to sell for millions of dollars, law enforcement said.

The City has taken a whack at restoring the 'Crack Is Wack' mural in Harlem.

The traveling clinic is outfitted with two soundproof counseling rooms and a large exam room, a wheelchair lift, and six Planned Parenthood staff members.

Click through for a preview of Haring's show, currently at the Brooklyn Museum.

Just a few years after they opened, the artist turned the Twin Towers into erect penises.

The Center in the West Village has opened up a former bathroom (now a meeting room) which boasts an impressive, and quite NSFW, Keith Haring mural.

The artist's iconic black-and-white mural has been collecting dust in storage since 2006, but the newly renovated NY Historical Society is giving it a new home.

Photo by Will Sherman/AnimalNY So the Keith Haring tribute mural has

Well, it lasted longer than it was supposed to: the Keith

A picture of chef David Waltuck’s restaurant was on the cover of