Shortly after the vote is scheduled to begin, New Yorkers will descend on Union Square to voice their disgust over the future justice.
The results of the limited investigation will not be made available to us plebe.
Another witness attests to drunken, disrespectful, party boy behavior by teen Kavanaugh; Trump calls Dr. Ford and other accusers 'evil'; Senators speak out; and oh god is there really more?
Will it ever end? All too soon, friends, all too soon.
"It feels like they're doing this just to deliver a fuck you to Democrats, and even more directly, a fuck you to women."
Ready your barf bag, rage stick: We rumble at 10 a.m.
In a sworn affidavit, Julie Swetnick says she "became the victim of one of these 'gang' or 'train' rapes where Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were present."
Kavanaugh argues that his longtime virgin status means he never sexually assaulted anyone.
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