Katzs deli

What's not to like about a free latke?
The sandwich superstars are opening an outpost in the forthcoming Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.
The once restaurant-heavy block has been decimated to make room for a new development by Ben "The Sledgehammer" Shaoul.
The sandwich is the greatest culinary invention of all time.
Sadly, we were unable to come up with an "I'll have what she's having" riff on this.
In When Harry Met Sally, what she was really having was a plain turkey sandwich.
Other local businesses aren't so lucky.
A water main break on East Houston around 11 a.m. has left the road flooded and several restaurants, including Katz's Deli, closed while workers attempt to mop up the mess.
Can't rip off an icon and get away with it.
Here are favorite spots to feed the family when they come visit.
In this video you'll see the iconic scene recreated by twenty women.
Awwww look at the teeny tiny Katz's Deli!
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