Katy perry

Rihanna owned the red carpet, Katy Perry appeared as an angel, Cardi B dazzled and much more.
Musical guest Katy Perry also brought along @i_got_barzz to make this extra GIF-friendly.
Not everyone made a statement, but those who did, like Rihanna and Katy Perry, were the big winners.
Katy Perry will be the proverbial ring master for around 12 crucial minutes at this year's annual testosterone banquet.
PETA roars (heh) at Katy Perry for using real animals in her video.
Arcade Fire will be the musical guest. The next week, Miley Cyrus will be host and musical act!
Did you hear? The VMAs are in Brooklyn this year and stuff.
Perry said, "I've always heard about Fleet Week in New York; I've never been a part of it. It's really exciting to see a lot of seamen in white, but they all look gorgeous."
If Brand—a former heroin addict, sex addict, and recovering alcoholic—and Perry—a devout Christian who became famous due to a bi-curious hit single—can't make it, is there any hope for true love?
Katy Perry returned to Saturday Night Live, this time as the host, but it seems her evening was upstaged by the attention-starved 30 Rock star, Alec Baldwin
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