Kathryn garcia

The state director of operations oversees all of 73 state agencies, authorities and commissions as well as serves as the executive liaison to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
“While women have a seat at the table we have yet to sit at the head of it, but I know that that day is coming soon," Garcia said.
Although Yang encouraged voters to rank Garcia on their ballot, Garcia made it clear that she was not offering a co-endorsement.
A new poll out Monday from NY1 and Ipsos found Adams had surged ahead with 22% of those polled. However, the polling does not reflect the past week as it was done at the end of May.
A poll released late Tuesday showed Garcia leading the field for the first time.
The former sanitation commissioner piloted the first electric garbage truck. As mayor she says she would do much more.
The mayoral hopeful was adopted as a baby by a Park Slope couple.
It's reported that Garcia, who also headed the pandemic meals program, is launching a mayoral bid.
The card is expected to be in the mail in the next few weeks.
Bins at the ready, kids!
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