Kathryn faughey

The man accused of killing an Upper East Side psychologist with knives
The man who is suspected of killing an Upper East Side psychiatrist
David Tarloff, who is accused of slaying an Upper East Side therapist
Despite some bizarre behavior during his arraignment earlier this week, David Tarloff
Fingers are being pointed at a Queens psychiatrist who allowed David Tarloff
As David Tarloff is held in the murder of therapist Kathryn Faughey,
The man accused of slashing Upper East Side psychologist Kathryn Faughey to
Photograph of police escorting suspect David Tarloff by Andy Kropka/AP The
Update: Police have arrested David Tarloff, a Queens resident and former patient
Photograph of William Kunsman, a friend of murdered psychologist Kathryn Faughey,
Update: The police questioned and released a man in Pennsylvania about the
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