Kate upton

Models in swimsuits. Athletes in swimsuits. Athletes with models in swimsuits.
She's trying to be more than a model, so she's been acting more—and now Upton is filming a movie with Cameron Diaz, launching numerous boob puns.
Her boobs are natural, FWIW.
It's not much, but it will get you 30 seconds closer to the weekend.
To celebrate Kate Upton's second-consecutive SI swimsuit issue, join us in watching a sampling of some the 20-year-old models' finest work captured on video.
Congrats Kate Upton, Vogue UK's editor doesn't think you're "a heffalump."
Sure, Upton's newest video doesn't have quite the same va-va-voom as her itty-bitty-red-bikini cat daddy dance for Terry Richardson, but that's okay!
These pro-anorexics call Kate Upton a "lazy, lardy piggie."
Last night Hollywood starlets and sports heroes descended on the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the museum's annual gala.
ITEM! Professional ray of sunshine Kate Upton is CONFIRMED to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Gala next week.
YouTube pulled the Kate Upton "Cat Daddy" video because, like the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders, it was too exquisitely beautiful for human eyes to endure. Thankfully, there's Vimeo.
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