Activists argue that the chickens are treated cruelly before the ritual.
'Murderers! Shame on you!' shouted a protester wearing a surgical mask and poncho, as she sprayed water in the direction of the chickens.
The Jewish High Holidays begin next week, which means the Ultra-Orthodox ritual of kaporos is just around the corner as well.
Video appears to show many dead chickens destined for a company that renders them into biodiesel.
Animal rights activists were extra abrasive at this year's kaporos slaughter in Crown Heights.
"I could do it with money, but God says it is better with the chicken."
One man mashed two sacrificial chickens against the chest of an animal-rights protester as other kapparot participants screamed, "Go fight ISIS!"
"Please leave and go home."
"Certain anti-Jewish and anti-tradition forces" are rallying to stop the ritual, Rabbi Shea Hecth wrote.
A group hoped to get a cease-and-desist against the ritual, which they considered a public nuisance and health hazard.
Penelope the Chicken has her own diaper and therapy swing so she can watch TV.
Kaporos is a ritual of atonement that symbolically transfers a person's sins to the living chicken as it is held aloft.
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