Kansas city

The suspected shooter, who killed three people, is a former KKK leader.
Volunteers have been pouring into areas hard hit by Sandy by the busload, but this is one of the cutest post-storm relief efforts we've seen so far.
A gang of football fans beat up a Jets fan after the team played at MetLife Stadium on Sunday—and one of the assailants allegedly taunted, “You all deserved what happened on 9/11!”
A Kansas City bishop as charged with failing to report suspect child abuse—he admitted knowing a priest had child pornography in his possession months before the priest was arrested.
Barbecue and sushi aren’t the first two cuisines you'd expect to find
Okay, so you don't want to go out to watch the game
A timeout and a holding penalty on the Jets couldn't prevent Mike
While much of the football excitement this weekend surrounds the New York
Eight of the Jets' 12 losses have come by seven points
What is it about Frank Gehry? When The Boston Globe reported this
Debbie Harry's internationally known as the smart, cool and sexy front woman
Assuming MLB gives them permission, the Yankees will probably announce their next
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