Justin timberlake

To end his first week at The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon broke out one of his most beloved recurring bits.
Jimmy Fallon was the official host of last night's jolly, enjoyable Christmas-themed "Saturday Night Live." But he brought along Timberlake as his co-host, and lots of guest stars too.
Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon will each return to host SNL in December.
Did he change the musical history of the venue by being the last musician to play there?
His jeans are rolled up, his feet are stretched out in the inflatable swimming pool of freedom, and somewhere in the distance, he can hear "Gimme Back My Bullets" and all is well.
Of course Questlove would be the person drop the surprise news that Justin Timberlake will be releasing a second album: "spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov. (10 songs now...10 songs later=20 vision)."
Below, watch Timberlake and Fallon perform the fourth edition of "History Of Rap," with bits of the Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, Run DMC, Salt N Peppa, Missy Elliott and more.
Bringing sexy back... to the ragtime era.
Justin Timberlake was the excellent host of an overall very good episode of "Saturday Night Live" last night that also included the return of the one-and-only Stefon.
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