Justin bieber

Pete Davidson appeared, RuPaul did some readings, there was Giuliani-era NYC nostalgia, Chloe Fineman showed off her impressions, and Justin Bieber had a mustache on SNL this weekend.
Drink everytime someone says "blue steel" in this new trailer.
The Biebs like you've never seen him before!
Bieber gets booed after taking off his pants at Barclays Center.
Bieber's NYC pastor talks about the troubled pop star.
He was also extremely abusive to the flight attendants.
Since Bieber landed in the NYC area, it's been nothing but headaches for the amateur mustache grower.
However, he hasn't yet apologized to the staff of the restaurant who had to clean up his urine.
This video allegedly shows Justin Bieber peeing in a bucket, but WHERE IN NYC WAS THIS BUCKET?
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