Justice department

This comes as the governor has lashed out at critics who question how the Cuomo administration dealt with nursing homes during the pandemic.
The move came after desperate pleas from immigration judges and from the government lawyers who prosecute immigrants
New York’s immigration court used to be considered more favorable to asylum seekers than other courts.
In NYC, where the nation's busiest immigration court is found, the backlog grew by 4 percent to more than 105,000 cases.
The DOJ filed paperwork disputing the idea that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents people from being fired due to their sexual orientation.
He also worked for the Justice Department during the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.
Civil rights groups and others fear Sessions will reverse the Justice Department's Obama-era efforts to hold local police departments accountable, particularly in cases of police brutality and racist profiling policies.
EMAILS are back, with the Justice Department investigating if the FBI acted properly during its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server.
Pantaleo's attorney said he was "cautiously optimistic" that the Trump administration would halt the investigation against him.
There's been a "highly unusual" shakeup in the stalled federal investigation into the death of Eric Garner.
NY State will get $800 million.
Nobody seems to realize that Gray Line and City Sights, which last year was said to have nearly 90 percent of the $100 million+ hop-on-hop-off tour bus market in NYC, are the same company.
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