De Blasio said, "This verdict is disgusting and it sends a horrible message to this country."
Most people who are processed in the courts are Black and Latino, but few will face a judge who looks like them
Longtime Jackson Heights resident Irene Chaldaris said she feels afraid to hold hands with her girlfriend. 'I used to feel very safe in this neighborhood and I don't anymore.'
The rooster's name is Justice.
A Brooklyn woman turned into the hero Williamsburg needed yesterday when she took matters into her own hands and battled crime with the bearhug of justice.
Jason Stevens, the infamous owner of the defunct DUMBO gastropub and wedding venue reBar, is going to prison.
Ex-NYPD detective Kevin Spellman ran over and killed 66-year-old Bronx grandmother Drane Nikac in 2009.
"This is likely to be the tip of the iceberg."
"Someone just fell three stories from the top level at the Justice show at Hammerstein," one witness Tweeted.
Screw up a food festival in Brooklyn, and you'll taste justice in 48 hours. Help cause the implosion of the global economy? Nothing to see here, folks!
Pat Quagliariello was charged with criminally negligent homicide for fleeing the scene, but because of a plea deal, now must give a speech at 35 high schools about "the perils of reckless and drunk driving."
Glenn Wright's alleged killer is now on trial, and yesterday we spoke with Wright's siblings about their beloved brother, who was murdered in a mistaken-identity gang killing.
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