Jury duty

If only jury rooms were made of marble with gold "T-R-U-M-P" lettering.
This week's question comes from a woman who's worried her husband will lose his job if he's out for jury duty.
This week's question comes from a woman who was repeatedly harassed by a court officer during jury duty.
As anyone who has seen the Pauly Shore documentary "Jury Duty" knows, our legal system can sure be a strange beast.
Jury duty has turned into a serious drag for one teacher at the Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design.
If you are going to come up with crazy ways to get out of jury duty can we offer a small suggestion? Don't go on the radio and brag about it afterwards. Judges have radios!
Mona Lisa Tello would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't those darn spelling errors!
A Prospect Heights man says that when he arrived for jury duty in Brooklyn he was forced to wait outside in 13 degree weather for a long time, even thought the lobby was open.
Ice-T spends six hours at jury duty.
The man suspected of killing four people at a Long Island
A Brooklyn man suffered a heart attack and died yesterday while serving on a grand jury presentation in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
This week, a Judge was none-too-happy with one potential juror who
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