Junk food

Want to know what to drink with Chinese food, Kraft Mac & Cheese and Pringles? Here are your perfect wine pairings.
Way to go, everyone.
This doesn't bode well for the once-a-week cheesesteak diet.
The new snack guidelines are part of the government's "Smart Snacks In School" initiative.
If successful, the move could save 18,500 jobs.
Not only are people selling Twinkies on eBay, people are BUYING Twinkies on eBay.
First, we got the news that bingeing on junk food is like being addicted to cocaine: now, scientists are saying that fatty foods will damage your brain. Science!
Can anyone really be blamed for gorging on bacon sundae concoctions? Well, according to a new study from Columbia University, there's an even better scapegoat for that crushing need for junk food: sleeplessness.
Nanny Bloomberg is reportedly turning his junk food-hating eye towards NYC jails. Sure that is going to over well.
Close your eyes and hear the crunch of serenity.
The inventor of Doritos died last week, and his family has some scorchin' plans for his ashes.
Conservatives have been up in arms all week over a rapper who glorifies the decadent lifestyle of food stamps and welfare, but Mr EBT says, "They don't get it. My video is a parody."
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