July 4

'You need to have more opportunities for the public to get in and not just the people who can afford to pay $492,' says Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.
The public is supposed to be able to enjoy Pier 17 whenever it is open.
"It’s just a little silly, and it’s sort of like, proudly silly. Like, ‘We will celebrate whatever we want.’ And in this case, we choose a hot dog contest."
Macy's promised the biggest July 4th fireworks show in years, and they delivered.
Starting at 2:00 this afternoon.
Was it worth waiting for hours to take a few crappy videos from under the FDR? Probably yes!
Get ready for some boom boom boom.
Independence smells like a muggy, sweat-and-B.O.-filled subway platform.
There will be four barges between 23rd and 37th Streets in the East River, and a double barge south of the Brooklyn Bridge.
This afternoon is going to be sunny with a high in the lower 80s. Now the bad news.
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