Julius caesar

"Protesters, this is New York City. All you did by running on stage was give them an anecdote to tell at their fancy liberal cocktail parties!"
Anonymous threats have been made against the Public Theater's director as well as other Shakespeare companies across the country.
She yelled, 'You cannot promote this kind of violence against Donald Trump!'
"I'm saddened that corporations feel that they are so weak that they have to pull out their sponsorship for something like free Shakespeare," said theater artist Sarah Smithton.
Trump's oldest son concurs that "events like today are EXACTLY why we took issue with NY elites glorifying the assassination of our president."
The Public Theatre's Julius Caesar opened last night amid ongoing controversy surrounding the title character's Trump-like depiction, and hours after a third sponsor, American Express, distanced itself from the production.
The Public Theater is standing by its now-controversial production of Julius Caesar, which has come under scrutiny for the Trump-like resemblance of the title character.
One shocked audience member says that when Caesar is stabbed, "blood was spewing everywhere."
'Julius Caesar' is the first play, then 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' closes out the season.
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