Julie taymor

Nothing like a bit o' Shakespeare to get the taste of Bono out of your mouth.
In the latest legal tidbit out of the Spider-Man war, we learn about the time Bono, drunk with a bevy of babes, was unable to help save his show.
Now that the show is making bank, the gloves are off in the fight between Julie Taymor and the producers of Spider-Man: The Song That Never Ends Turn Off The Dark.
Julie Taymor, the envelope-pushing director who co-created the much-maligned Broadway spectacle Spider-Man: Please Make it Stop Turn Off the Dark, is suing the show's producers.
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has opened, finally, and we sit down to discuss the show, its earlier incarnation and the unbearable boringness of flying on Broadway.
Just in time for the show's official—really this time—opening, the Sesame Street gang takes on Spider-Man.
Spider-Man's other gig (bitchcakesny). With a price tag of $70 million
Spidey works it in the subway (em_vp's flickr). If you've been
Apparently nobody told the folks at the Foxwoods Theater that Whiplash is
Here is our nearly-daily Spider-Man: Turn Off Hopes Of Actually Opening
Not that big though (via istolethetv's flickr) So now that director/co-writer/mask
If only the Green Goblin looked this cool on Broadway. As
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