Spumoni Gardens is venturing onto Grimaldi's and Juliana's turf.
The pizza staple has reportedly been closed for over a month, and answers about its future have not been forthcoming.
Welcome to our new series, WHY?
Peter Pan took home the top donuts distinction, a new category for the survey.
Grimaldi's didn't make the cut.
This city has the only pizza worth eating. Here's where to get it.
Carol Grimaldi, co-founder of Brooklyn's famed (and Gothamist Friday lunch staple) Grimaldi's Pizzeria, has passed away at the age of 75.
And you thought a knife and fork was bad.
Recently, a pizza debate has been raging at Gothamist HQ that threatened to tear us all apart: Grimaldi's vs. Juliana's.
Ciolli, who purchased the original Grimaldi's name from Patsy Grimaldi for half a million bucks in 1998, filed an injection against Grimaldi's new pizza place in September, claiming it would create "unjust competition" for Grimaldi's.
He returns! Patsy Grimaldi is back with his new pizza place, Juliana's, in the space formerly occupied by Grimaldi's. It's complicated... but delicious.
In this episode, a disgruntled pizzaiolo files a complaint with the DOB over an alleged illegal coal oven in the forthcoming pizza joint.
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