Julia salazar

Legislation backed by Mayor Eric Adams will allow the city’s public housing authority to raise additional money to renovate thousands of apartments
Union leaders sent a letter to Gov. Hochul and legislative leaders last week stating that housing insecurity is a major cause of stress for their members. The bill would limit landlords’ abilities to raise rent and evict tenants.
"The HALT Solitary Confinement Act will put an end to the use of long-term solitary confinement in our state, a practice that has perpetuated violence and caused irreparable harm."
Dropped last year for insufficient support, the "good cause" eviction bill is showing promising signs of support in Albany.
'It should be relatively easy to pursue.'
The Cuomo-Controlled Public Service Commission just approved a $1.2 billion rate hike over the next three years.
Currently, only prostitution charges can be vacated, leaving trafficked sex workers with criminal records that can bar them from employment and housing.
In an unexpected reversal, State Senator Julia Salazar, whose district includes Bushwick and Williamsburg, went from sponsoring the loft law bill to pursuing an amendment that would exclude industrial areas in North Brooklyn.
'They knew that we were a threat to the concentration of wealth and power in this state,' Salazar told cheering supporters Thursday night.
Cuomo's win was expected.
'We're absolutely disgusted that right-wing media would use Julia's victimization as a political tool.'
Embattled state Senate hopeful Julia Salazar was arrested as a teenager for allegedly impersonating the ex-wife of Met legend Keith Hernandez. Yup.
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