As the number of eviction cases rises, a shortage of attorneys is forcing an increasing number of tenants to move forward with legal representation under a city program meant to keep New Yorkers in their homes.
Twelve people have died in city jails so far this year. Data shows judges have contributed to the swelling detainee population. An analysis by Gothamist/WNYC and New York Focus shows who the top judges are.
This year's Democratic mayoral primary has the largest field of candidates since 1977. Then there are all those other names for all those different positions.
Here are the candidates running for a judgeship.
Margarita López Torres clashed with Brooklyn's Democratic Party boss and fought for judicial reform at the U.S. Supreme Court. Now opponents in her surrogate's court judge race accuse her of kowtowing to party bosses.
You're prepared to vote for the governor and attorney general, but who the hell are all these people?
"Ninety-nine point nine percent of the people that are gun owners are very responsible."
A judge who says a Queens cop assaulted him without provocation has identified his alleged assailant. But the officer is still on the beat, free to walk the streets and sweep the leg at will.
A justice for the New York State Supreme Court says an NYPD officer assaulted him for no reason while he observed a rough arrest in Queens Friday morning.
Is Judge Carol Feinman too lenient, or is the Post stirring up populist frenzy with a "tough-on-crime" hatchet job. OR BOTH?!
Nobody likes working Sundays, especially judges—but dozens are voluntarily putting their golf clubs into storage in order to work Sunday, July 24, the day that same-sex marriage becomes officially legal.
A female competitive eater is pissed at the Nathan's Famous judges this year, after they demoted her from fourth to eighth place because of her messy eating habits.
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