Most people who are processed in the courts are Black and Latino, but few will face a judge who looks like them
Forty-six judges who will be losing their jobs at the end of the year claim there’s no justifiable budgetary reason for letting them go.
A list of over a dozen names, including judges and doctors, was found near where a self-proclaimed "anti-feminist" lawyer shot himself after killing the son of a federal judge
A New York federal judge ruled on Wednesday that President Trump can no longer block citizens on Twitter, dealing a searing blow to our very mad and extremely online leader.
Immigrant advocacy groups are challenging the legality of Trump's DACA decision in Brooklyn.
“A reasonable officer in the noisy environment defendants occupied would have known that a single bull horn could not reasonably communicate a message to 700 demonstrators," the judge wrote.
A judge has tossed out a case that could have evicted Love from her West Village townhouse.
Is a judge to blame for letting a criminal free to allegedly kill a cop?
Freedom of religion only goes so far on Rikers Island.
The lovely ladies of the new VH1 series "Mob Wives" Mobsters
Jury duty is a double-edged sword for most: the pleasure of
The Mets have been battling it out with Kosher Foods Inc.
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