Judd apatow

It turns out Hermie's death came from the loss of his friend Garry Shandling.
The story of a flailing, out of his depth man trying to make it in the city's comedy world is a little sad, but is also really funny.
Amy Schumer is about to take the Kristen Wiig train to moviestardom with her upcoming Judd Apatow-helmed film, 'Trainwreck.'
Maybe let's all just stop asking Lena Dunham about nudity.
Finally, a trailer for the new HBO show, premiering next year—which already looks way better than Sex and the City.
As reported over the weekend, the revival of Neil Simon's "Brighton
This Friday brings good news, as Variety is reporting that the Ghostbusters
Prestige filmmakers take note: If you want the Times critics to really
Entertainment Weekly’s #1 “smartest” Hollywood player, Judd Apatow, says “it doesn’t look
Black Book (directed by Paul Verhoeven) Growing up in Holland during their
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