"Jews have been using cannabis for centuries, and there's a pretty significant history that I think most people are not familiar with at all."
An outsider takes a ride to Midtown in the Mitzvah Tank.
The bullies still have the pulpit at the synagogue.
You used to l'chaim on my cellphone.
Drug dealer who didn't sling on sabbath will atone in prison.
This upstate farm looks like any other, except the farmers are speaking Yiddish.
If you look out your window today and see a fleet of converted motor homes with photos of Hasidic-looking folk, don't be alarmed.
So you don't have to worry about the government forcing you to consent to having your child's penis lightly nipped and sucked upon by a possibly herpes-infected mohel...for now.
Lawsuit claims the city lacks "any definitive proof" that the ritual "poses health risks of any kind," despite the CDC finding that 11 baby boys in NYC were infected with herpes in the last decade.
It's almost time to blow the shofar once again: Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown tonight. It's the beginning of the Jewish high holy days, the ten most sacred days of the year for Jews.
The board ruled that "parents need to be aware of the opinion of experts," and unanimously approved the circumcision consent forms. Some rabbis were protesting outside the meeting, claiming this decision was Bloomberg's "blood libel."
Despite the fact that at least 11 NYC boys have been infected with herpes from mohels who have performed an ancient circumcision ritual, ultra-Orthodox leaders are fighting the city's “evil plans” to mandate parental-consent forms.
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