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You can see JR's newest large-scale mural on the side of 16 stacked blue shipping containers in Domino Park starting today.

"My son was a good kid. He was just having a great time on his vacation, until this deranged man came in and shot the place up."

It's about 40 minutes long, and it's worth listening to every minute.

A look at the south side of Ellis Island, recently covered in old photos by artist JR.

You can buy tickets today to get access to the south side of Ellis Island, and see this installation before it disappears.

The massive electronics retailer J&R Music and Computer World closed its Park Row location yesterday after 43 years in business.

Riverside Church was chosen for the event in part because it was where King gave his stirring "Beyond Vietnam" speech in 1967,

The event begins at 7:00 p.m. as the protesters amass outside the church, and the performances begin at 8:00 p.m. in the nave.

A group of African American faith leaders will join Occupy Wall Street in a march at 10 a.m. Monday from the Financial District to Madison Square Garden.

In related news, there is a celebrity handler who needs a job: they're especially adept with glue-on beards and mixing quaaludes into coffee.