Jp morgan

He was a visionary, but also believed he was getting transmissions from aliens.
'A central component of the case is why the bank didn't provide a formal report raising concerns about Mr. Madoff in the U.S. despite filing such a document with authorities in the U.K.'
Jon Stewart had a lot of sympathy for the pundits, saying the deal was "like if the Holocaust had sex with slavery while the last ten minutes of Human Centipede watched."
Scapegoats like these make for fun perp walk spectacles but seem to be pointless targets for prosecution.
On May 25th, a group of twelve men will meet for an elite culinary ritual that has been shrouded in secrecy since 1868.
According to David Olson, who ran credit trading for JP Morgan's chief investment office until December “the management was very involved and the risk controls were very strong” during his tenure there.
Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew is expected to resign today; she worked for JP Morgan for three decades and made $14 million last year.
We're confident that after reading all these ruminations on proprietary trading and overly complex and biased risk assessment models, we can explain to you what happened, cutting through all the Wall Street mumbo jumbo.
Two examples of terrible dating skills from investment bankers.
Yesterday, a construction safety coordinator filed a $20 million lawsuit, accusing
J.P. Morgan and Citigroup will not foreclose on homes for a little
It's Michigan vs. Massachusetts--and we're not talking about the NBA Eastern Conference
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