“Now, with so many journalists out of work, so few jobs, and most freelance budgets frozen, I'm definitely worried about what the future holds for me."
New York City's tabloid tradition of 24/7 local news coverage is one breath from death. Two weeks ago, the Daily News eliminated its overnight shift for news photographers, known as the "lobster trick."
The tabs first hit their stride 100 years ago with admiring, then scandal-touting, coverage of the slugging star — a style of sports reporting lately diminished by Daily News staff cuts.
The cuts are aimed at 're-focusing much of our talent on breaking news - especially in areas of crime, civil justice and public responsibility.'
Ross Barkan has already learned what is arguably the saddest, most salient lesson in the brutal world of New York politics.
"Sooner or later, we are either going to have to pay for journalism or we are all going to pay for it."
Gothamist's editorial team is expanding, and we're looking for a full time writer who can handle a mix of blogging and reporting on weekends and several weekdays.
It's gonna be a long summer, and the NY Post can't wait.
And a mysterious woman who talked her way into Madison Square Garden was the key to blowing this whole case wide open.
Do you want to know how the news sausage gets made?
News at 11.
"You're the reporter?" a security guard asked. "You can't ask questions here. You can't."
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