Joseph ponte

The Correction Officers still have their jobs, and the City has declined to provide them representation.
He was in charge of internal investigations, including ones aimed at rooting out misconduct.
Several revelations in recent weeks raised questions about his competence and integrity.
The Department of Investigation alleges that Correction Department staffers listened in on investigators' calls with jail informants.
Rikers inmates are regularly subjected to "head strikes, wall slams and violent takedowns," leading to injuries that are "followed by delays in providing needed medical attention," according to the report.
The 56-bed Secure Unit is one of three types of alternative housing intended to permanently replace solitary for young adults.
New rules would restrict contact during visitation.
2014 was the most violent year for the jail in more than a decade.
Rikers officials have promised that they'll put an end to their practice of hiring gang members, career criminals and the mentally unstable as Correction Officers. Why does that sentence even have to be written?
“Don’t bother me unless someone is dead."
The undercover officer carried the contraband in the pockets of his cargo pants.
"Chief Clemons was a model of stability in a tumultuous time. Our staff will greatly miss him, and so will I."
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