Joseph esposito

Maybe NYC needs an Office Of Awkwardness Management?
"While there was a computer in my office, I used it to display a continuous montage of family photos."
Why does so much police work get done on overtime?
"My son was stopped, I was stopped. It's not like it just happens to people of color."
The former Chief of Department presented himself as a commanding officer who seemingly shrugged off allegations of quotas and racial bias that plagued the NYPD.
In case you were wondering why those low-flying NYPD helicopters were buzzing by the Brooklyn Bridge in formation today, they were sent up in honor of Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, who retired today.
"Wry humor" is how the department's top spokesman Paul Browne explained the barrier's presence.
At 61 years old, the NYPD's "Chief of Department" Joseph J. Esposito is the highest uniformed ranking officer in the department. And judging by this video, he's not afraid to get his hair mussed!
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