Jose ramos

When asked, "Did you kill Etan Patz?" the suspect said, "Does your mother know you're here?"
Wanda Abreu was also indicted for the murder plot, but she sounds like she's planning her escape route—the Post asked whether she still loved her husband: “I love my kids, and I miss them.”
A former NYPD officer who is embroiled in the ticket-fixing scandal, and his wife, have been accused of plotting to kill a witness who is planning to testify against him.
This comes as the niece of a local handyman who had a workshop in the basement apparently corroborated that he did rape her when she was a child.
Before the basement was domain of local handyman Othniel Miller, it was a playroom for neighborhood children.
Sources tell the Daily News that the suspect is still Jose Ramos, who was declared responsible for Etan's death in a civil lawsuit.
Etan was six years old when he missing while walking from his apartment on Prince Street to his bus stop two blocks away on Friday, May 25, 1979 and he was never heard from again.
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