Jose peralta

Peralta represented Jackson Heights, Corona, Elmhurst, and Woodside.
'We need to show we're taking money out of politics, that we're building a people-powered movement, and sending a strong message that if we do the work we can make change possible.'
A Queens state Senator has introduced new legislation that would require the city's massage parlors to register with the Department of State, which he says would help shutter establishments that also sell sex.
Jackson Heights residents, hoping to get another opportunity to speak with State Senator Jose Peralta, made plans to unseat him when he didn't show up to a town hall meeting.
Monserrate, convicted of both assault and mail fraud, picked up an endorsement because of his support for affordable housing.
He's just 16 years old, but Tahseen Chowdhury already has sights set on a seat in the State Senate.
Hell hath no fury like New Yorkers realizing their state senator isn't representing them very well.
"He did this on the down low," said Lisa Jenkins, a reverend who has lived in East Elmhurst for more than fifty years.
Senator Jose Peralta has introduced a bill to make hoverboards legal in NYC.
Daily News/Davies Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate is not stopping at
It's been too long since we've had any Hiram Monserrate news,
After a contentious, nasty battle, Democratic Assemblyman Jose Peralta won the
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