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Asked about the jokes that were cut from rehearsal, Lorne Michaels responded, "it's a New York thing."

And it's time to overthrow the tyrannical capitalist system that makes working people run ever faster to earn the same wages!

A 20-year-old Brooklyn man who thought it would be just hilarious to aim a laser pointer at a news helicopter has been slapped with felony charges. Isn't that a hoot?

WHAT'S the DEAL with POLITICAL correctNESS??!? Are the PC POLICE making Jerry thirsty!?!?!

This is the closure that fans have been demanding ever since Boo Radley was trapped inside the Black Lodge by the malevolent spirit of Bob.

Parody Twitter account Bike Lobby did not put white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, that hasn't stopped the District Attorney's office from (hilariously) subpoenaing them due to a transparently jokey tweet.

Watch as Christie attempts to keep his hands occupied by drinking all the water in the world instead of throttling Behar.

Even if you found "Anchorman 2" underwhelming, you might love the new version of the film packed with 763 new jokes coming to theaters next week!

Springsteen did what he does best: tell corny erection jokes.