Johnson johnson

Researchers behind the Sisonke study said the single-shot provided 71% protection against hospitalization with the delta variant.
Grand Central and Penn Station led the way, but sites in Brooklyn and the Bronx hauled in decent numbers, too.
Now's your chance to get jabbed inside Penn Station. As an added incentive, recipients will also get a 7-day unlimited MetroCard.
While the Pfizer vaccine depends upon ultracold storage for most of its lifecycle, Moderna offers more flexibility for covering what public health experts call “the last mile.”
This setback arose just as community leaders were looking forward to expanding vaccine outreach during the holy holiday.
"It does serve as a setback, but I'll call it a temporary setback because we're going to quickly pivot."
Viral panic over so-called breakthrough infections offers a great lesson in number literacy.
The New York State Health Commissioner has halted all vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson shot, pending an evaluation.
Many may be lost in the maze of sign-up websites and feel their patience tested. Take some slow, deep breaths and check out these tips.
Health officials say all appointments should still be on track through next week—but it’s a mystery beyond then.
It’s an overlooked detail that could help prevent the virus from ravaging multigenerational homes.
The mayor’s office wants to change people’s perceptions about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which they say has unfairly gotten a bad wrap.
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