Johns hopkins

Today Mayor Bloomberg will donate $350 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, making the sum of his donations since he graduated $1.1 billion.
Mayor MIchael Bloomberg's largess makes him the country's seventh biggest charitable donor.
Mayor Bloomberg's generosity has been noted from educational institutions (like his
We think we smell another presidential candidate. Or at least one
After months of investigation from the State Attorney General's office, Columbia University
Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg traveled back to his Massachusetts roots and gave
Remember when your little league coach (or dad) used to tell you
Just what you've been waiting for: Our fair city has its newest
Police believe that drugs caused a 23 year old Brooklyn resident jumped
Did Mayor Bloomberg brind the Country Music Awards to NYC to get
Mayor Bloomberg was in Baltimore yesterday to pick up an honorary doctorate
Columbia University excitedly announced that the Jerome L. Greene Foundation was
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