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David Simon's six-episode HBO limited series of Philip Roth's 2004 novel is coming in March.

It's easy to forget that in the dark ages of the 1990s, if you decided you didn't want to talk to someone for a while, you could really and truly just drop out of contact.

Woody Allen has long cast himself opposite beautiful actress, but this is the first time that the subtext has become completely overt. Watch the trailer for "Fading Gigolo" below.

Yes, Woody Allen plays a pimp—and the gigolo is played by John Turturro, who is also directing.

Anton Chekhov's last play, The Cherry Orchard, has been delightfully revived by The Classic Stage Company, starring Dianne Wiest and John Turturro.

Relatively Speaking, an evening of three one-act plays by Woody Allen, Ethan Coen, and Elaine May, is relatively forgettable, but an agreeable night of classic Broadway comedy nonetheless.

Our top ten list of theatrical productions you'll want to mark your calendars for in the months to come!

Art Spiegelman's acclaimed graphic novel In the Shadow of No Towers has been turned into an animated film with a voiceover by John Turturro and music by guitarist/composer Marco Cappelli.

Wall Street Journal reporter Charlotte Druckman recently hung out with John Turturro and his wife Katherine Borowitz in their Park Slope brownstone, where they chatted about Italian food as he cooked for everybody.