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"One of the ways we combat racism and hate ... is by teaching and learning about each other's stories and histories," Schools Chancellor David Banks said.
In New York, the legislature has extended mayoral control for various increments of time, and the issue is often subject to bitter negotiations and horse trading.
On Monday, state legislators announced plans for a hearing on March 4th over whether to grant the city’s new mayor continued control over the nation’s largest school system.
With four weeks left to go until primary day, Liu's backing gives Yang a united group of supporters among the city's prominent Asian American elected officials.
“It’s not accurate for him to say that this was just something that the council was proposing and he just went along with it."
'A fine of $25 to $50 for carelessly crossing the street is not the end of the world.'
State Senator Tony Avella’s chances of winning are exceedingly slim, though not impossible.
At a Bayside bakery, Senator Avella spoke to Gothamist about his reasons for joining the IDC, his legislation to protect pet pigs, and the "national hype" that is attempting to destroy him.
Gothamist spoke to the former Comptroller about Queens politics, congestion pricing, and how he'd avoid sinking into the Albany morass.
"It's shocking to realize that fees have not only wiped out any benefit to the funds, but have in fact cost taxpayers billions of dollars in lost returns."
Comptroller John Liu talks about the scandal that brought down his mayoral campaign, why de Blasio was favored as the Democrats' "progressive" candidate, and how New York City is broken.
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