John gotti jr

'It sort of seems like it's not so much the movie. It's sort of seems like it's more like Fandango and MoviePass are in a shoving match because they're competitors.'
John Gotti, Jr., a former Gambino family mob boss-turned-everyday good Samaritan, was stabbed in a CVS parking lot over the weekend when he reportedly attempted to "break up a fight between two strangers."
Victoria Gotti, though, is cool with gays: "What difference does it make if he were gay? Who the f--k really cares? Does it make him less of a beautiful human being? No."
The best part of waking up is Rudy in your cup:
John Travolta has officially signed on to star as John "Teflon
Ever since he escaped four hung juries, "Deadlock Don" John Gotti
Omerta's be damned: John Gotti Jr. is really going forward with
If watching "Deadlock Don" John Gotti Jr. gracefully maneuver his way
This Sunday, 60 Minutes will air a double-length interview with John
Following a fourth mistrial in early December, federal prosecutors announced that
Is this what potential jurors for John Gotti Jr.'s trial were
Photograph from 1010WINS Basking in the glow of his fourth racketeering-and-murder
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