John gotti

'When you get punched in the face and your teeth get knocked out . . . you're not going to laugh no more, okay?'
It doesn't seem like the killing is related to the mob—it was possibly related to the suspect wanting to date the crime family boss's niece.
What happens when you combine every mafia movie cliche in history, a behind-the-scenes trainwreck of a production, and John Travolta's predilection for cartoonish wigs?
Victoria Gotti, though, is cool with gays: "What difference does it make if he were gay? Who the f--k really cares? Does it make him less of a beautiful human being? No."
Victoria Gotti's son Carmine Agnello Jr. was busted in Queens for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Oops!
Also, Ben Foster isn't thug enough to play Junior Gotti.
Did the Gambino crime family pick a Sicilian because they are tired of fat mobsters who turn out to be rats?
More casting drama abounds from the John Gotti biopic, this time involving one very pissed off Joe Pesci.
The upcoming, ever-changing Gotti biopic continues to attract big names, including, most recently, Al Pacino
The upcoming John Gotti biopic has had a rough go of cast and crew changeups recently; this week brings word of more additions that keep the project in the proverbial family.
Just when we were getting psyched to see Linds go all blond
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