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John Goodman was the excellent host of last night's okay "Saturday Night Live," bringing bounds of energy whether he was singing odes to booty, dancing as a snowflake, or dressing in drag.

Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon will each return to host SNL in December.

"KFC" has so such prejudices, and the Colonel himself wants you to know how much he enjoys listening to Bette Midler and dining with "the gays."

Almost 13 years since The Big Lebowski opened to widespread critical indifference and box office tumbleweeds, the stars of the Coen Brothers' comic masterpiece gathered together at Hammerstein Ballroom for a cast reunion last night.

Filmmaker Ethan Coen has left his big brother behind and written three

The other night, when Bill Clinton went on Late Show with David

Has it really been ten years with Conan O'Brien? Gothamist caught