John galliano

We bet Galliano didn't want to talk about telling a Parisian cafe patron a "dirty Jew face" and saying things like "I love Hitler."
Pro-tip, Parsons students: Being anti-Semitic is NOT good for your career.
Galliano has been in NYC helping Oscar de la Renta with his new collection—Galliano "spent hours leading a seminar in how to tie the belts properly."
They may not be swastikas proper, but try telling that to the (rightfully) angry mob staring at your date's earrings. Does Bejeweled have an exclusive contract with John Galliano?
Bad-boy designer John Galliano was found guilty of "public insults" for calling a woman a "dirty Jew face."
So, John Galliano, the flamboyant bad boy designer, was fired from
Yesterday, the fashion house Christian Dior showed its Fall/Winter 2011 collection, the
In the wake of allegations that fashion designer John Galliano uttered anti-Semitic
Fashion designer John Galliano, who was fired from Christian Dior after
Last week, fashion house Christian Dior suspended its iconoclastic designer, John
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