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A grinning Perrone kept shouting during the arraignment, to the point that the judge ordered a psyche evaluation, noting he was either "disruptive, confused, or bizarre."

His lawyer may attempt a psychiatric defense, "I've spoken to a number of people who said he had issues of a mental nature for some time."

"He killed someone at 7:30, and he went dancing at 9. How did he do that?"

It seems there's something a little off about the apparel salesman accused of murdering three Brooklyn shop owners.

Tonight police arrested the man they referred to as "John Doe Duffle

The mysterious "John Doe Duffle Bag" is believed to be in police custody, and police sources say a rifle and other weapons were found in his duffle bag.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly contradicted an earlier report that the John Doe Duffle Bag wanted for questioning had been spotted near the scene of two murders in South Brooklyn.

Investigators have homed in on a man who may be connected to a string of murders in South Brooklyn. Called John Doe Duffle Bag, he's seen in two surveillance videos taken from two crime scenes.