John boehner

"The older people get, the less angry they become, and the more fearful they are. They don't want to leave their homes."
Of course, it's totally ironic since Boehner hates gay marriage.
It's been 66 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and there's still no aid package. Ten days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Congress had passed $60 billion in aid.
Christie laid the blame squarely at Speaker of the House John Boehner's feet, claiming that the House leader wouldn't even return his calls.
The Republican leadership of the House has screwed over Sandy victims.
It's the "largest tax cut in American history"—unless you make over $400,000.
President Obama appeared on Meet the Press this morning to ensure that the American people know that this man in the zip-up fleece is responsible for shoving you off the fiscal cliff.
Funding to maintain the benefits would cost $30 billion—much less than the $115 billion it would take to maintain the payroll tax cut.
"Frankly, I'm convinced that the president is unwilling to stand up to his own party on the big issues that face our country," John Boehner said before adjourning the House of Representatives until after Christmas.
Whether you're for slicing oversized drinks off restaurant menus or clearing room out of your freezer to store a lifetime supply of Venti frappaccinos, here's a roundup of bigwigs sounding off on the ban.
President Obama and George Bush's mastermind Karl Rove are in agreement that the House Republicans are out of there freaking minds for blocking an extension to the payroll tax cuts enacted last year.
Obama is seeking to force Republicans to choose between defending the wealthy and helping everybody else. Can you guess which side the Republicans will choose? Hint: it rhymes with "itch people."
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