Joey chestnut

"It’s just a little silly, and it’s sort of like, proudly silly. Like, ‘We will celebrate whatever we want.’ And in this case, we choose a hot dog contest."
Chestnut set a new record with 72 dogs in 10 minutes.
Joey "Jaws" Chestnut is making the rounds to to let the world that the Nathan's Hot Dog throne belongs to him, so inferior bun swallowers should just abandon hope entirely.
In the words of one of the eager ESPN commentators, it was "the greatest achievement in the history of man."
Yes, he had the meat sweats, too.
America's hero Joey Chestnut SEVENpeated as Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion today in Coney Island.
Can Joey Chestnut sevenpeat?
With warnings of a potential global bacon shortage sending shockwaves through the non-Kosher, meat-eating world at least one group has decided to get some press out it.
Joey Chestnut ate over 7 pounds of wings in 12 minutes. What did YOU do on your Sunday?
28-year-old Joey Chestnut once again made us feel like terrible eaters when he ate 68 hot dogs in ten minutes yesterday. But he wasn't the only man to break the 65-dog barrier on Independence Day...
The Black Widow ruled, also.
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