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He was found dead in his Bronx apartment last night.
"A lot of times people will yell at me for filming someone..."
The suspect said there was no racial component to the incident: "I’ve punched white people. I’ve punched brown people. I’ve punched Hispanic people...So what? I don’t target anyone."
Suspect Lashawn Martin, 40, has a history of mental illness—as well as a complicated relationship with race.
Doctors have told police that 62-year-old victim Jeffery Babbitt, who did not know his attacker beforehand, is clinically brain dead.
The man who was attacked in broad daylight in Union Square this past week is allegedly brain dead.
According to police, suspect LaShawn Marten, 31, has been charged with assault for attacking a man in Union Square while allegedly yelling, "I hate white people."
A man was arrested this afternoon in Union Square after allegedly attacking three people.
"New Yorkers have good souls and a sense of forgiveness," Spitzer hopes.
You know that middle aged dude in the dorky Dad poncho you've seen fly fishing in Central Park? Yeah, it turns out that might have been Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.
Is screaming "Howard Stern's Penis" and "Jimmy Kimmel's Sphincter" on multiple TV news programs in Times Square really that much stranger than every other silly New Year's Eve tradition?
Here are a couple videos showing what happens when you lie down in Zuccotti Park.
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