Joel klein

News Corp. loses a $27 million deal with the NY State Department of Education over the phone hacking scandal.
Klein is charged with conducting and internal investigation of News Corp. "I am trying to get as far away from this as I can," he reportedly told a friend.
Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper thinks you're wasting time thinking of how a giant media conglomerate basically owns the British government.
A News Corp. company overseen by former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein just got a $27 million no-bid contract with the State Education Department.
Former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein may be making millions at News
Tired of booing at Cathie Black's gaffes? Her predecessor Joel Klein
Now that Cathie Black has taken her controversial place as head
Cathie Black takes a tour of P.S. 109 (Spencer T. Tucker).
We're not sure that many people questioned Joel Klein's vow to
Bloomberg, Black and Klein (NYC Mayor's Office) In the wake of
Amidst the drama over Mayor Bloomberg's appointment of Hearst Magazines head
Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, who is stepping down to take on
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