Joe paterno

She said, 'Once lawyers came into the case, they said there was money.'
The board said, "As we understand it, the alternatives were worse as confirmed by NCAA President Mark Emmert’s recent statement that Penn State was likely facing a multiyear death penalty."
" I just saw planes crashing into towers."
One person Tweeted, "The NCAA should fine themselves because they just raped about 200,000 people #PSU"
Scholarships are also restricted and the school will be on five-year probation.
Penn State president Rodney Erickson said, "I fully realize that my decision will not be popular in some Penn State circles, but I am certain it is the right and principled decision."
Joe Paterno, the legendary Penn State football coach who was fired last November in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, has died at age 85.
His son Scott Paterno Tweeted, "CBS report is wrong - Dad is alive but in serious condition. We continue to ask for your prayers and privacy during this time."
Former Penn State legend Joe Paterno told the Washington Post he was afraid of "making a mistake" in handling the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse allegations which ultimately cost Paterno his job and his reputation.
Governor Cuomo today put forth a bill that would force coaches to report any sexual abuse they witness.
“They’ve taken everything that I ever did for any young person and twisted it to say that my motives were sexual or whatever," Sandusky told the Times in an lengthy interview.
ProTip: you may come across as more than a little bit tone-deaf when you compare your groping lawsuit to a horrible child sex abuse scandal.
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